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If you’re in the Melbourne market to buy custom or ready-made blockout curtains (also known as blackout curtains), Fantastic Blinds & Shutters is the best destination. We offer an enormous selection of manual blockout eyelet curtains as well as automated wireless blackout curtains that will ensure no light enters your room. Blackout curtains are also ideal for keeping your home cooler on hot days and warmer on cold days, helping you save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Reasons to Get Blockout Eyelet Curtains

Our blockout curtains in Melbourne are ideal for anyone wanting to keep rooms darker for longer, make it harder for people to see inside or reduce the impact of the sun. Blocking light makes it easier to sleep in, which is especially useful for shift workers who need to sleep during the day. Filtering out light also has the added benefit of reducing how much glare enters from streetlights, headlights and the sun, which can hurt your eyes or make it difficult to see screens clearly.

Blockout eyelet curtains offer various other benefits as well. Not only do they boost the insulation of your home to help keep it warm during the winter and cool during the summer, but they can also reduce how much you’ll need to use your air conditioner or heater to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. You’re sure to see noticeable savings on utility costs with blackout curtains installed. What’s more, their multi-layer construction means they’re effective at reducing unwanted noise.

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Delivering Complete Customer Satisfaction

Fantastic Blinds & Shutters is the best place to shop to buy blackout curtains. We’re backed by years of experience and have established an enviable track record of delivering top quality shade solutions to our customers that are customised to fit their windows perfectly. In addition to custom and ready-made blockout curtains, we offer everything from roller shutters and plantation shutters through to folding arm awnings and more. You can rely on our experts for professional installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services. We also offer 15 year warranties for your peace of mind.

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Our Guarantees

We offer guarantees to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing they’re making the best choice.

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7 Year Warranty on All of Our Products

Should any structural failure occur within 7 years, we’ll repair your shutters or blinds at no cost.

Perfect-Fit Guarantee

Our perfect-fit guarantee ensures your new shutters or blinds will fit perfectly onto your windows.

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Our Process


One of our design consultants will work with you to understand your requirements and will help you choose the right materials and solution that suits your space.



We will provide an exact quote that covers the cost of manufacturing & installing your new shade system. Any additional charges will be discussed prior to commencing any work.


Check Measurements

Once the quote has been approved, we will drawings and/or 3D renders using the colours, patterns, materials and dimensions you've chosen with your consultant.



When you have approved the designs, we will manufacture your shade system using state of the art technology in our Melbourne workshop according to your specifications.


Delivery & Installation

Our experienced technicians will book a suitable time with you to deliver and install your window covering or shade system while adhering to high professional standards.



Our technicians will give you a quick demonstration on how to use your new window covering and/or shade system. This includes using any automation app or motorized systems



You are now the proud owner of the best window coverings and/or shade systems so enjoy your updated space while shielding yourself from the harsh Melbourne conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

As many blackout curtains are made with chemicals and contain VOCs, they are technically “toxic”. However, if these curtains are used properly, it’s highly unlikely that they will affect your health.

Yes. Blackout curtains will keep heat out of your home.

As their name suggests, blackout curtains can completely block out any light from entering your home.

Yes. Both blackout eyelet curtains and wireless blackout curtains have to be hand washed, as washing machines can easily ruin the curtain’s layers. Start by gently squeezing and scrubbing the curtain fabric by hand. Once you’ve washed the whole curtain, rinse with clean water.

No. In fact, they make it easier for people to sleep, as there’s no light penetrating the room that could disrupt sleep.

Blackout curtains are usually made of tightly woven fabric used for sun blocking applications. Thermal curtains are made with a layer of acrylic foam placed between the double or triple layers of fabric in order to provide insulation, which is their primary purpose.

No. However, due to their thickness, they can minimise some of the noise coming from outside your home.

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